Ed Jamal
Software Engineer - Facebook

Software Engineer at Facebook

Co-founder of Codoc


My name is Ed. I’m a software engineer at Facebook and a co-founder of Codoc, a code documentation system that helps tech teams keep documentation up-to-date and easily discoverable.



Work Experience


Facebook - Senior Full-Stack Engineer

• Designed and built a handful of internal business applications using JS, React.js, GraphQL, PHP, Elasticsearch, and MySQL. Examples:

  • A large-scale system to manage all the logistics behind conducting tens of thousands of events at Facebook every year.

  • A system to manage all of Facebook’s legal cases.

  • A system to manage all of Facebook’s buildings worldwide.

• Maintained and developed new UI features for a facilities management system including: filtering, advanced search, data charts and views, lazy loading and logging.

• Integrated an internal documents management system with 3rd party services and APIs by building a data-sync tool to keep the internal system’s data up-to-date at all times. The sync tool is distributed across multiple platforms for security measures. The layers for this tool was built using: Python, PHP (Hack) and Thrift.

• Created unit tests for the front-end and back-end systems using Jest (for React) and PHPUnit.


Spotify Lyrics App - Maker

A lyrics desktop app that integrates with Spotify.

Problem: I was frustrated  after Spotify decided to remove their lyrics feature from their app.

Solution: I decided to build my own lyrics app. Two days before launching, Musixmatch launched the same product. I lost the battle, but at least Musixmatch's CEO, Max Ciociola, gave me a shout-out on Twitter...


Yoga Panda - Co-Founder/CTO

Yoga Panda is a marketplace for Yoga classes and events with dynamic pricing.

• Architected and built a backend RESTful API to handle classes search, pricing, booking, payments using PHP, Node.js, MySQL, and AWS.

• Implemented a front-end responsive web application to search and book Yoga classes and handle payments using Angular.js, JS, HTML, and CSS.

• Integrated our backend system with Mindbody (a 3rd party POS system used by Yoga studios to handle class booking), and Stripe (a payment gateway).

• Implemented a pricing algorithm to dynamically price classes based on historical data.


Vlographer - Co-Founder

A tool to easily find new Youtube channels/vlogs based on your interests. 

Problem: Youtube is full of cats videos and there is no way to find vlogs that I'm interested into on Youtube.

Solution: I built a crawler to go through millions of Youtube channels, wrote a couple of scripts to weed out none active channels, none vloggers, and assigned each a channel a category based on tags, description, and their relationship to other channels. Then built a tool to allow users to search channels based on categories, and a tool to suggest them new channels based on their subscriptions and likes.


Expedia - Software Engineer II

•  Implemented UI A/B test features for Expedia’s car rentals page to increase the customer conversion rate. I used JS, Ember.js and less.js for the front-end.

•  Extended the capabilities of Expedia’s homepage search forms to improve the car rentals customer acquisition rate by allowing users to bundle car rental as part of their itinerary. I used Java Spring for the backend, and Ember.js, Handlbars.js, Backbone.js, JQuery for the frontend.

•  Improved the accuracy of cars rental search results algorithm to provide more result options to users without increasing search latency. Most of this was on the backend side, which is written in Java Spring.

•  Designed and implemented public RESTful API for flights search.


Smart Walls - Maker

Turning walls into touch smart screens using a 3D camera (Kinect).

Problem: I had a projector in my room and I thought it would be cool if I can use the wall as a touch screen instead of just displaying videos.

Solution: I utilized an open source project and modified it to build a couple of apps to add touch interactivity to projection. Here is a video of me turning my microwave oven into a smart screen.




How I can help


Hiring a software engineer?

Technical Skills:

  • Design and build end-to-end products

  • Design and implement RESTful APIs 

  • Create engineering roadmaps and processes to improve and extend products capabilities

  • Work with variety of databases (relational and non-relational)

  • Work with AWS services and Linux servers

  • Build backend systems (node.js, php, python...)

  • Build frontend systems (Angular, React, Vue...)

  • Run A/B tests

  • Develop UX solutions

  • Implement data security measures

  • Write well-organized documentations


  • 8+ years experience building software products

  • Experience building end-to-end business applications at Facebook

  • Experience working across multiple frameworks and large code bases at Expedia and Facebook.

  • Full-Stack engineer

  • Product focused

  • Analytical thinker, fast learner and independent

  • CS degree


Looking for a co-founder/PM?


  • Design and implement the right MVP to validate ideas and find product-market fit

  • Decide the right technologies/tools to build a scalable MVPs

  • Design and build end-to-end systems

  • Create user-focused UI and UX

  • Integrate systems with 3rd party services/APIs

  • Manage AWS service and Linux servers

  • Create roadmaps and development processes

  • Build small teams

  • Comfortable wearing the business hat

Startup Experience:

  • Built two startups in the past and continuously exploring ideas

  • Built tens of side projects

  • Full stack engineer (Web, cross-platform mobile, Mac/Win desktop apps)